Learn the Advantages


The best programme for scholars who aspire to be teachers

Reasons for joining the TSP


Enrol in Asia’s premier Teaching Scholars programme

The programme offers a carefully designed curriculum that encompasses electives from NTU’s University Scholars Programme, seminars by distinguished professors, Nobel laureates, government leaders and industry luminaries as well as personal guidance from top faculty members to prepare TSP Scholars for the exacting standards required of successful leaders and educators.  You will take the lead in providing the next generation of students with a holistic educational experience.

Participate in cutting-edge research

Through this programme, you will acquire research skills under the mentorship of eminent advisors and top professors and researchers. You may have the opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA), a university wide programme that cultivates a culture of rigour and curiosity amongst the most outstanding in NTU. In addition, TSP Scholars will undertake education research that further strengthens the theory-practice links that is so critical in the development of an effective and engaging educator.  

Immerse in the best global education systems

This interdisciplinary programme offers unparalleled opportunities for international exposure through overseas students exchange and teaching practicum in different education systems. Offered to TSP Scholars, such valuable experiences are sure to stretch their intellectual limits by placing them in stimulating environments that will constantly challenge their competencies.

Expand your horizons

The programme also offers you the opportunity to explore global issues, develop insights, and cultivate competencies that extend beyond classroom learning. These experiences include learning from leading companies and industries through internships, developing in character through service learning and enhancing your outlook in life through cross-cultural exposure in international communities. 

Transform lives positively

Upon graduation, TSP Scholars are assigned to schools where they will begin their journey of shaping and inspiring young minds. In addition, TSP Scholars will be familiar with education policies in the dynamic changing education landscape and equip themselves with pertinent knowledge to impact learning in the schools. Undoubtedly, a career of distinction in education awaits.

Fulfil Aspiration

TSP Scholars will acquire broad-based knowledge that will enable them to become well-rounded individuals equipped with real-world experiences to guide the youth of tomorrow.