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The Programme

Teaching Scholars Programme is carefully crafted to equip top scholars with a diverse set of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and qualities that will develop them into well-rounded leaders and innovators with strong character and values.  

The highly engaging programme is designed to promote lateral and analytical thinking.

TSP Scholars will undertake a research project with an eminent research mentor or through the Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA)  offered at NTU. They will be given the opportunity to present their research in international conferences. The requirement to undertake education research is also crucial to prepare scholars for a meaningful career in education by strengthening their understanding of how theory can be applied in actual learning contexts. 

TSP Scholars will also have the opportunity to undertake a minor programme of study if they choose to. There is a diverse selection of Minor Programmes offered in NTU. 

They will also complete an additional 4-6 elective courses that supplement the core curriculum and general education in the internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts (Education) or Bachelor of Science (Education) programme. They are allowed to pursue their interest and create their own learning plan through an extensive selection of electives. The electives may be taken from the range of courses offered at NIE, NTU or overseas universities. These include electives offered by NTU University Scholars’ Programme (USP)

Examples of USP courses:

  • Global Media
  • Classics of Social and Political Thought
  • Theories of Knowledge
  • Evolutionary Psychology
  • The History and Philosophy of Science
  • Earth Science
  • Innovation, Enterprise and Leadership

TSP scholars have the option to read advanced level courses that can be credited to a Master's degree.


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Programme Highlights

The NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme offers a unique opportunity for both your personal development and international exposure in interdisciplinary training

Are you ready to fulfil your aspirations in education and make your contribution in shaping the future of the nation?


“I chose TSP because I wanted to go beyond having content mastery in physics; I also wanted to learn to be good at teaching physics. Compared to the conventional bachelor’s degree in physics, NIE’s programme offers me a good balance of both subject mastery as well as pedagogical content knowledge.”
- Roysmond Sim, TSP Alumnus

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Innovative Pedagogy

TSP Scholars will be exposed to a wide array of innovative pedagogical approaches used to enhance learning. For example, Team-Based Learning, Self-directed Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Flipped Classroom are just some of the innovative and different pedagogical approaches that will be used to present meaningful learning. These pedagogical approaches challenge the TSP Scholars to be Engaged Thinking Educators so that they are best equipped with the right competencies to meet the demands of making a real difference to the lives of their students in the 21st century. Importantly, the delivery of content knowledge will not be limited to a classroom or laboratory setting. The world is your classroom and TSP Scholars will be engaged meaningfully throughout their time here in NTU.

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Research Opportunities

TSP scholars will undertake a research project with an eminent research mentor over an 11-month period in the final year of study. The research project will provide an unparalleled opportunity for TSP scholars and their mentors to explore a topic of mutual interest together, following a spontaneous flow of dialogue and intellectual exchange in the spirit of learning. TSP Scholars will also need to undertake an educational research project in their third year of study to provide further grounding on the links between educational content and practice.


TSP scholars with high YGPA will also be invited to participate in the Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus (URECA).
URECA is a university-wide programme to cultivate a research culture among undergraduates in NTU. The opportunity is open only to the most academically able second- and third-year undergraduates. These undergraduates will be given the coveted title of NTU President Research Scholar (NTU PRS).

NTU PRSs are required to undertake a minimum of 160 hours of research over an 11-month period (August to June) in an academic year.

International Conferences

TSP scholars will be given the opportunity to present their research at professional conferences to help them hone their research and presentation skills, and develop insights by plugging into the network of researchers globally.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

TSP scholars have the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom through a wide range of internship, school attachments, field trips, as well as local and overseas service learning opportunities

BUILD (Building University Interns for Leadership Development) Programme allows the TSP scholars the opportunity to seek attachment experience with the organisations such as the Ministry of Education, Academy of Singapore Teachers or other partner institutions. This broadening of experience helps TSP scholars apply knowledge learned in the university to situations beyond the classroom environment and help develop their leadership capacity.


Service learning serves as a platform to nurture leaders, who are socially responsible and active citizens, who can identify needs and contribute to the community both at home and overseas. Through such experiences, the statement “Learn to Serve, Learn from Service” becomes alive for the TSP scholars. The experience will shape the TSP scholars’ character, and strengthen their sense of mission, compassion, humility, resilience, adaptability, determination, commitment, and enterprise.

Residential & Experiential Learning Experience provides an additional platform for TSP Scholars to engage in learning beyond the classroom. A key component of the TSP programme will incorporate residential learning where TSP scholars have the opportunity to undertake learning experiences situated within the residential houses. For example, residential learning can include involvement in formal or informal exchanges with international partners (students and academics) as well as networking sessions with educational leaders (local and global) at the House of residences.

Global Edge

In the era of rapid globalisation where the world is more connected and interdependent, a global experience will enable our TSP scholars to acquire a global edge. Opportunities for such global experiences are provided through overseas programmes such as the Overseas Student Exchange Programme and the International Practicum. Through the experience, TSP scholars will be able to explore global issues, develop insights, expand their horizons, and connect with people of diverse cultures.

Overseas Student Exchange

TSP scholars are given priority in NIE’s exclusive Student Exchange Programme. They can take courses in an overseas partner university, e.g., Queen's University, University of Helsinki, University of Sydney, for one semester.

International Practicum

TSP scholars have the opportunity to do their Teaching Assistantship overseas. They will be exposed to different classroom environments and educational standards. The experience will encourage the TSP scholars to understand and appreciate both Singapore’s and the host’s educational systems, help them cultivate an international outlook on teaching and learning, and network with other educators from partner universities in countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, Sweden and the US. 


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Build Connections

TSP scholars are guaranteed on-campus accommodation. 

Enjoy the company of friends and interact with fellow budding educators in a dynamic campus environment that caters to both learning and leisure. Moreover, the residential experience will provide immense opportunities for scholars across all the NTU Premier Scholars programme to socialize, interact and build meaningful friendships that extends beyond your time in NTU.   

Surrounded by lush greenery, the serene and beautifully landscaped campus environment on the island’s west quarter offers a stimulating and conducive environment  for your studies throughout the programme.