Meet Our Team!

“I am blessed to have fantastic lecturers and tutors from my BA years in NIE to now … I have good role models who show me how a teacher who inspires should be. That is, one who sees the potential in you and takes the time to answer your questions. Most importantly, humbly admit at times that, “I don’t know the exact answer, but let’s find out together”, and teaches me just how much there is to learn.”

Fiona Ong Po Keng

Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship  (NTU),  
pursuing her PhD at NIE


Lim En Qi

River Valley High School
Class of 2013

“TSP not only allows me to fulfill my dream of becoming a good teacher, it provides a challenging and broad-based education with many opportunities.”


Yishun Junior College
Class of 2011

“I chose TSP because of the interesting pedagogical methods and opportunities available for us to develop ourselves as well as the close relationships with our peers and the faculty members.”

Annalisa Koh Li Ling

Anglo-Chinese Junior College
Class of 2013

“Enriching experiences and passionate people empower me to be the best that I can be.”

Featured Staff

NIE is home to more than 400 passionate and reputable academic and research staff. Here are some of the dedicated staff (with their key achievements listed) that you will have the opportunity to work and study with at NIE.