We Welcome You

Welcome by the Director

Teaching has always been regarded as one of the noblest professions. Teachers have the unique privilege of giving back to society through the shaping of young lives. As Singapore’s national institute for teacher education, we are proud to carry the responsibility of equipping future teachers with the right competencies, uncompromising moral values and strength of character.

The NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) is the latest addition to the existing suite of scholar programmes in NTU.  It is a premier scholars programme aimed at preparing tomorrow’s leaders of education who possess the passion and aspiration to inspire, nurture and lead our next generation.  

The programme offers a unique opportunity for both personal development and international exposure in interdisciplinary training through seminars, conference presentations, research assignments and mentorships, internships, and overseas programmes.  Graduates of TSP will be well-equipped with intellectual rigour, strong leadership skills and global perspectives – ready to fulfil their aspirations in education and make their contribution in shaping the future of the nation.

The curriculum of TSP is designed to help TSP Scholars acquire practical experience from industry and thought leaders on best practices and management insights globally as well as to sharpen analytical skills and develop their research expertise.  These enriching lessons will provide a broad spectrum of knowledge and skillsets that will inspire confidence in our TSP Scholars and enable them to handle situations within the classroom and beyond.  

TSP is a truly exclusive Scholars Programme that will shape great minds and values for transforming lives!  I look forward to meeting and welcoming our pioneer batch of TSP Scholars.